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Tuesday, 7 May 2019

The Trapdoor Spider, A Very Discreet ... And Formidable Hunter

She is the champion of surprise attacks. Buried under the ground, this spider rushes on its prey without them waiting for it.

We have rarely seen a plan as detailed as that established by the spider trap to hunt. Everything begins with a burrow that digs deep into the ground and in which it can crouch. The arachnid usually covers its hiding place with a circular hatch, constructed from silk and natural debris, to blend in completely with the decor.
It only remains for him to wait for vibrations to be heard, a sign that a grasshopper or a beetle is approaching, to leap from its burrow and harpoon its catch. A few seconds are enough for the hunter to inject her venom and drive her food to the bottom of her refuge.

A multifunctional terrier 

These trap spiders actually contain many species visible in Australia, America, and southern Europe. Their burrow is not just a lure for hunting but a real place to live. Spiders use it to protect themselves from predators or to lay their eggs. After a few months in the parental nest, the children leave to dig their own shelter and to perpetuate the tradition. Most species spend their entire lives there.

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