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Sunday, 12 May 2019

Garden. Why Adopt A Mowing Robot?

The mowing robots work for you and improve the quality of your lawn.
The mowing robots have landed in the gardens about twenty years ago. The Scandinavians, the Belgians, the Swiss quickly adopted them.
 In France, gardeners still have trouble giving them their lawns. The price can be an obstacle: from 400 euros for a city garden, 1000 euros and more for supermarkets.

No more grass to evacuate

But our habits also count: with us, the first mowing of the year is often late, we like to cut grass already high. The robot, he does not ask any question. It cuts every day, even at night. He works for you, you save time. But this is not his only asset if we think of cubic meters of grass to pick up, because with a robot, finished the chore.

Olivier Le Trieste, from Husqvarna: "There is no more grass to pick up because the robot goes out every day or almost every day. You are the ones who program the working time of the robot. what we call micro-mulching, that is to say, a very very short cut, fresh grass cut to 1 or 2 mm is 85% water. stay put and you have nothing to evacuate."

A better lawn

Other benefits, more risk of cutting the wire of the electric mower and the absence of noise. Nobody can regret the orchestra of the clippers of Saturday. Finally, and this is a very important point: The robot improves the quality of the lawn.

Olivier Le Trieste: "When you mow the lawn very regularly, it becomes denser and suffocates" alien "plants, dandelions or others that tend to take a little too much space in this lawn. If you have clover, you will see that the moss is struggling to find a place in this ecosystem.
The goal of the game is to say that we will try to densify the grasses inside and not the others. It takes one to two seasons to realize the improvement, but it's clear and clear."

Robot to customize

Good to know: a robot does not live year-round outdoors. It must be brought in the winter to protect his battery. And you can also customize it. Stickers make it look like a turtle, a ladybug or a zebra.

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