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Saturday, 11 May 2019

Connected Mirror, Voice Activated TV, Robot Vacuum Cleaner ... Fnac Darty Invites Customers Into His "Apartment Of The Future"

 The show apartment, located in the heart of Paris, plunges you into your daily life tomorrow. From Friday 10, and until May 24, you can visit the 500 m2 filled with new technologies.

"Welcome to the apartment of the future!": hardly the entry of the visitor in the places, the television lowers the level of the sound all alone, thanks to the simple voice command. And this is just the beginning: here you are a bit like friends, in the heart of the Marais district, in the 3rd arrondissement of Paris.

In this apartment, which can be visited for free, there are about a hundred products, distributed in about fifteen rooms, used by witnesses, played by actors who make you discover the concept of connected housing. Innovative high-tech products, some even not yet marketed, from the oven to the dishwasher connected, but also an 8K TV and transparent sofas. An example also with this mirror connected in the bathroom, which helps you to choose the color of your lipstick, or which encourages you to brush your teeth a little longer.

An immersive experience
The goal in this apartment is first to reassure us. "I think most of our visiting customers do not even imagine what these new technologies can do today," explains S├ębastien Martinez, director of commercial animation at Fnac Darty.

"It's not easy to apprehend for the general public, and finally the idea came up saying 'what better than recreating an apartment in situ', that is to say, finally understand what serves a speaker with whom I can speak, to have a robot that will move alone in my apartment to clean it, is it useful and to what extent finally I can project myself with these new technologies in my daily life" , he explains.
This showroom is exactly the complement of the internet: we can see, inquire, sellers are even present at the end of the visit. But beware, it's also a good way to create new consumer needs that they probably would not have thought of themselves.

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