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Thursday, 9 May 2019

Commercial War: Verbal Escalation Between China And The United States

Trade talks are scheduled to resume this Thursday, May 9 in Washington between Chinese and Americans, while the US president threatens to impose new taxes on all Chinese products imported to the United States.
The announcement of these new tariffs has aroused strong anger from Beijing.

Regrets and the threat of reprisals. If the United States raises their tariffs to 25%, it will be the escalation of the trade war and China will have no choice but to take countermeasures, says the statement, very short: 80 characters published this Wednesday evening at 23:23 on the website of the Chinese Ministry of Commerce.

For the rest as from the beginning of the week, the state media are content to relay the official message of a China "calm" against a Donald Trump described as feverish and agonizing at the last moment of a Chinese economy "Resilient", and able to face a possible failure of the negotiations.

Commercial War Compared to the Korean War

The official website The paper compares the situation to the Korean war where it was necessary to "negotiate and fight at the same time for three years". The Global Times, in his edition in Mandarin, compares this 11th and last round at the dinner of Hongmen at the end of the Qin dynasty, in other words, an ambush, and treason.

Not a line, however, on the telex sent by Beijing Friday, revealed by our colleagues Reuters, where the Chinese side would have returned to the main concessions listed in the 150 pages of text negotiated for months

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