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Friday, 26 April 2019

The Bottom Of Infox, Science To The Rescue

Why is infox so popular? Science is starting to provide some answers to this question. Our brain is sensitive to any unexpected information and the infox seems to flatter this curiosity, hence its success.
This does not prevent scientific information from being the target of counterfeiters and sometimes peddling unreliable information.

On the program:

Infox and science in an interview with Sylvestre Huet, an independent scientific journalist.

"Notre-Dame, under the fire of the conspiracy": the chronicle of Sophie Malibeaux.

A video showing young African domestic workers fleeing through the rooftops in Kuwait, decrypted by Valdez Onanina (Africa Check in Dakar)

The efforts of the French public media to fight infox during the campaign for the European elections explained by Amaury de Rochegonde

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