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Monday, 8 April 2019

South Korea Becomes The First Country In The World To Market 5G

South Korea becomes the first country in the world to market 5G
Guests immortalize photo of SK Telecom's 5G service launch ceremony in Seoul, April 3, 2019.

South Korea became, on the evening of April 3rd, the first country in the world to market 5G, the ultrafast mobile internet. A hurried launch, two days before the originally scheduled date.

South Korea wanted at all costs to be the first 5G nation. And it was at 11 pm, last night, that the first customers, hastily brought in for express communications, discovered the super-fast internet on their phones. In the center of Seoul, the KT operator installed a marquee to present examples of applications.

"Here you can compare the download speed of a YouTube video: with 5G, it's going much faster! And that is a future holographic video service. You stand here, and your hologram appears there, "says Lee Jiyoung, the KT representative.

Virtual reality games and dating apps

The competing operator SK puts forward its applications of games and meetings in virtual reality. "  We offer a" social " virtual reality service. It allows our customers to create a virtual room where they can virtually find their friends, to see movies or baseball games together while staying at home. For this to work, it's important that the network be very fast,  "says her spokesperson, Irene Kim.

The autonomous car, health, smart city ... the fifth generation of mobile networks must allow, one day, to connect everything, everywhere, all the time. Hence the challenge for operators and equipment manufacturers around the world, but also for governments.

The Korean telecom operators learned last night that the US operator Verizon was preparing - secretly - to launch its own 5G service today, Thursday, April 4, in the United States, a week before the announced date. They have urgently drawn the commissioning of this mobile internet, which theoretically allows speeds of the order of 2.7 Gb / s.

Field of influence

By being the first to offer all its inhabitants the 5G, hyper-connected South Korea wants to display its technological know-how and put on three national operators to launch its networks: KT, SK Telecom and LG UPlus. This new technology must provide an internet speed twenty times higher than 4G, which will allow for example to download an entire movie in less than a second.

5G is one of the fields of war of influence that China and the United States are engaged in. Washington is trying to convince its allies not to entrust the deployment of 5G to Huawei, accusing the Chinese giant of being a "Trojan horse" in Beijing to spy on Westerners.

Customers will have to pay around 40 euros a month for the cheapest subscription, and 1 100 euros for a 5G compatible smartphone.

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