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Wednesday, 24 April 2019

Nearly A Million Species Could Disappear From Earth, Alarmed UN

Up to one million species could be threatened with extinction, according to the alarming projection made by UN experts on biodiversity in a draft report. These experts will meet in Paris from April 29 to May 4 to adopt this global assessment of ecosystems.

About eight million estimated species inhabit our planet and up to 1/8 of this number could disappear from the surface of the Earth in the coming decades: a million species.

Involved, first of all, urbanization, exploitation of land and resources, fishing and hunting. Next, come pollution, pesticide use and global warming. The impact of this one is judged however less important than the other causes.

To obtain these gloomy forecasts, which remain estimates, UN researchers have crossed numerous studies and worked on species already well studied, such as vertebrates. Insects are currently undergoing further work that reveals that 40% of their population is declining.

These figures will be presented and discussed from April 29 to May 4 in Paris, during the session that will last a week and which will bring together scientists and policymakers. It will be for the first to convince the latter of the urgency of the situation. They want to encourage them to take concrete measures to minimize this disappearance of species.

Some already compare this phenomenon of disappearance to the five great mass extinctions that our planet has experienced during its turbulent past.

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