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Saturday, 27 April 2019

Mobility: Autonomous Vehicles On French Roads From 2020

Within a year, autonomous shuttles will be available on the French road network. To be ready by 2020, autonomous and electric vehicle experiments will be deployed in Rouen, Nantes, Nice, but also in rural areas. In the Ain, Transpolis is already testing this mobility of tomorrow.
A laboratory of urban mobility where communities, research institutes, manufacturers and operators collaborate.

They have also become the emblem of urban and durable mobility. E-bikes already account for 40% of total bicycle sales in Europe. The star up Zoov reveals since Saclay a connected model, with a free-floating revisited for more freedom. For its part, Cowboy offers you to change the frame and ride in electric mode but also design.

The other challenge of "smart cities" is the fight against pollution or the recycling of waste. Some cities have ideas. Tours that clean the air in Amsterdam, drones from Bangkok, and recycling communities in Lagos.

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