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Saturday, 27 April 2019

Massive Death Of Emperor Penguins In Antarctica Due To Weather

It is a hecatomb in Antarctica: scientists warn about the serial death of thousands of emperor penguin babies. In question, particularly hot weather for three years. The second colony in the world has almost disappeared.

Every year, 25,000 emperor penguins gather and form the Halley colony in Antarctica, in southern Argentina. To reproduce and hatch their eggs, they settle on an ice floe.

For three years, this stage of the reproduction of the species is in danger. The ice on which they were installed gave way because of high temperatures and stormy weather that weakened the pack ice.

As a result, almost all the children died. It is impossible for the moment to formally attribute this melting to global warming. But scientists at the British Antarctic Research Center have been observing this phenomenon for three years in a row. They say it's "unprecedented."

And the emperor penguin - the largest penguin - seems particularly sensitive to climate change.

Little consolation: the whole group does not seem lost. The researchers observed that the neighbouring colony, that of Dawson Lambton, has grown.

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