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Tuesday, 2 April 2019

Facebook admits a new security hole On The Storage Of Passwords

Facebook new security
Facebook never stops provoking controversy. The last controversy in date: in a statement released Thursday, March 22, the social network recognizes a new security vulnerability.

Hundreds of millions of user passwords have been stored without encryption and unencrypted on its servers. Facebook claims that no malicious use has resulted from this new loophole in private data.

In its press release, Facebook advises its subscribers to change their password, and for good reason, "  we realized that some of our users' passwords were legibly stored in our internal servers,  " admits the communication service of the social network.

It's actually the Krebs on Security site that has revealed this new business. Specifically, according to his information, between 200 to 600 000 million Facebook account passwords were not protected. They were simply stored in clear without encryption and thus freely accessible to nearly 20,000 employees of the company, sometimes since 2012.

The social network to 2.5 billion registered ensures correcting his blunder discovered last January and promises that "  no evidence of abuse  " and no leaks have been detected "  for the moment  ." Those concerned should be warned by Facebook. In particular, it is hundreds of millions of users of Lite, the lite version of Facebook for low-speed internet regions.

It is, therefore, a security breach more due, this time, to a basic lack of precaution. It comes a year almost to the day after the global scandal Cambridge Analytica, which revealed the leak of personal data of millions of Facebook users for political purposes.

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